Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Video - Palmy and Erlend Øye's "Crush"

I guess I should have known how this would end - and now I'm stuck with yet another friend.

A beautifully shot, lovely, lush, athmospheric, sunshine-infused, summery video here for the gorgeous, fragile, Kings Of Convenience style tale of tortured soulmates and that special enduring mutual love that could've been, should've been, but sadly never was.

As always, love is a fragile thing ... one often built on chance .... "He wonders if he should make a move; but the chance would never come."

Yap, love indeed is hell - as the prophet of douchedom Ryan Adams told us!

Or, as Sartre told us, (kinda), hell is other people we love!

So, it's "Crush", featuring KOC's own Bergen boy, Erlend Øye (think a lanky lyrical Norwegian Woody Allen!), along with the smallest guitar in the world, accompanied by some Top Thai Totty, who goes by the rather odd handle 'Palmy' (a 'leuk khreung' called Eve Pancharoen, who's apparently half Belgian - meaning, I guess, she loves waffles topped with som-tam! )

Man, the way this chick pronounces "Come" is really doing it for me!

And there's more ... yap, the song's even got a nice bit of whistling at the start and end! ... What the fuck more could one wish for!

"Crush" appeared on the LP "Palmy 5" (oddly her 4th album! ... maybe Thai Belgians can't count!), released a while back.

The vid was helmed by Thai director Chardchakaj Waikawee

... "Coooommmm"! ... "Coooommmm"!!!!!

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