Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Video - The Jesus & Mary Chain and Hope Sandoval's "Sometimes Always"

I won't get on my knees. Don't make me do that please! I've been away but now I'm back.

It's the Jesus And Mary Chain and the gorgeous Hope Sandoval - then part of  the first incarnation of the great Mazzy Star (and then too paramour of co-singer Jim Reid) - with the sumptuous "Sometimes Always"

"Sometimes Always" was the first single from the excellent '94 LP "Stoned And Dethroned".

A kind of tribute to Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, this anachronistic duet tells the tale of a philandering Romeo who's left his girlfriend and hurt her bad one more time, but now wants to convince her to take him back again.

The song was written by William Reid.

 "Sometimes Always" was released by Blanco y Negro Records in July 1994 and reached #22 in the UK single charts.

Did I say the gorgeous, gorgeous Hope Sandoval duets with Jim on this fine single?! No?

The atmospheric video was directed by Sophie Muller.

The artwork for Stoned & Dethroned, and the singles accompanying it, is composed entirely of stills from this video

Muller also directed the video for "Come On", which also appears on the album.

Did I say the gorgeous, gorgeous Hope Sandoval appears a lot (though, not enough) in the vid?! No?

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