Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Video - The Go-Betweens' "Right Here"

You walk around with your eyes wide open, but you're barely alive. 

One of many sublime moments on the majestic 'Tallulah' album from Australia's finest, The Go-Betweens.

Yap, it's the Mc Lennan penned "Right Here", where the late great Grant delivers a delightful song of love where the protagonist expresses his devotion ("I'm keeping you right here - whatever I have is yours.") to a fragile female protagonist coming out of a shattered and emotionally shattering relationship ("It rains for days, so you stay inside and lock your door, crying all the time.") An uplifting song of hope in the darkness. A song probably inspired - as was often the case - by Grant's fellow band mate and lover Amanda Brown.

Beneath delicious, strings-embellished melodies (wonderfully delivered most notably by Amanda and Robert Vickers), it's a beautiful, poetic, life-affirming, multi-layered (and innuendo-laden ... "Climb aboard my pony, now you've been thrown. Get back in the saddle ..." etc) piece of art.

Grant's sparring partner, Robert Forster spoke of the 1987 single in an interview with messandnoise ...
Interviewer -- This is another song that’s got a lot of contrast in it. It’s sweet and innocent, but then there’s the line “climb back on my pony” and that’s all sex.

Robert -- Yeah, yeah. It is. It is another instance of – it’s almost like Grant couldn’t help himself. He’d be in a light mood and having fun with language, which he did a lot, with images and just sort of wild things juxtaposed on top of another – very flamboyant sometimes in his language – and then suddenly there’s always a twist line or he’ll suddenly drop that for a line or two and come in. You’re right, suddenly that verse goes into sexual experience in a very flowing, three-chord pop song.

The very playful and humorous (and very oddball) vid is fantastic too - replete with shirtless Robert in the midst of his 'Blonde Vampire Nerd' phase hamming up wonderfully. And Amanda, as always, looking totally fucking gorgeous!

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