Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Song - Vivian Girls' "Tell The World"

Keep it to myself? ..No way! He has what no one else has.

Riot Grrrl-tastic! Yap, a beautiful, blistering,  blissful no-fi mix of punk-pop, garage and shoegaze - in a Cranes meets Modern Lovers meets My Bloody Valentine fashion - by the Brooklyn gals.

Coming in at a punktastic three minutes, the simple, sketchy lyric surfs on waves of emotion and mellifluous melody, creating a delicious, mood piece (let's call it a minimalist postmodern love song!)

I'll tell the world about the love that I found ... indeed

I just want to know if he has what no one else has, what exactly is it he has that no one else has?!

The song was  lead single from their fine eponymous debut LP back in 2008 - an album lauded in Paste Magazine with lines like .... 
Even with a sprawling lineage that weaves The Wipers in with the output of labels like Slumberland and K, the Vivian Girls’ vintage aesthetic is employed here not as a crutch, but a compelling battle-cry for the disappearing art of rock ‘n' roll pith.
Man, it's been ages since I've heard/read the wonderful word "pith"!

There's a real nice live performance of the song below.

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