Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Song - The Jam's "News of the World"

Each morning, our key to the world comes through the door  - more than often its just a comic. 

A great single from the Spring of 1978 from Paul Weller and his pals in The Jam.

Featuring some wonderful blistering riffs, oddly (given the band's Mod affiliations) you can really hear a lot of Ramones influences here (no bad thing!), both in the music and in the sylised inflected vocals!

"News of the World" was written by the band's bass player, Bruce Foxton and was  the only Jam single that was composed by Foxton alone.

The song's named for the infamous British newspaper rag "News of the World", standing for all so-called newspapers  - the masses' apparent "key to the world", which are nothing more than silly comics.

It's a castigation of the endless lies spouted by the nefarious media  ... "Little men tapping things out ... points of view - remember their views are not the Gospel truth."

A castigation too of the idiot masses who witlessly consume these untruths. Those millions of morons who "never doubt, never ask, never moan." 

Yeah, wake up and realise "the truth is in what you see - not what you read" .... nor what you're apparently shown on fucking CNN!

"News of the World" is a bit of an oddity amongst the band's sublime catalogue in that it wasn't included on any of the band's studio albums and also in that the song featured Foxton on lead vocals.

The song does appear though on the sublime box set Direction Reaction Creation  from a few years back.

The digitally remastered 5 CD box set Direction Reaction Creation collects all the Jam's studio albums and singles and includes 117 tracks (22 of which were previously unreleased or very rare) as well as a wonderful 88 page accompanying booklet which is superbly annotated, illustrated and detailed, chock full of great graphics and pics.

The bullshit-free, live performance, video for "News of the World" was filmed on the roof of Battersea Power Station in London.

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