Monday, 2 March 2015

Art of the Cover - Ty Segall's "Goodbye Bread" (2011)


Yap, it's the wonderful, cute-as-fuck, cover artwork to the gorgeous "Goodbye Bread" - the excellent fourth solo album from Ty Segall.

Yap, Ty here shows his raging disdain for baguettes and boundless love for four legged critters!

The collection was critically acclaimed with for example, Earbuddy's Nick Krenn giving the album a 9 /10 rating and writing
"His songs are undeniably attachable to situations within our own lives and feature no whiny love songs. Life isn’t just about love. We have problems that go beyond relationships whether they involve money or our cynicism. Segall works them out with his guitar and drums and gives us the soundtrack to do the same."
I gotta agree. Yap, Life isn’t just about love ... indeed! It's definitely more about hate!


A1 Goodbye Bread 3:23
A2 California Commercial 1:16
A3 Comfortable Home (A True Story) 2:16
A4 You Make The Sun Fry 2:29
A5 I Can't Feel It 4:03
A6 My Head Explodes 3:09
B1 The Floor 3:36
B2 Where Your Head Goes 4:12
B3 I Am With You 4:36
B4 Fine 4:25

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