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Art of the Cover - Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve's "Costello & Nieve: For The First Time In America" {Limited Edition Live 5-Ddisc Box Set} (1996)

Lovely artwork adorns this marvelous Box Set. 

Art Direction was by Elvis Costello with Lawrence Azerrad.

Yap, it's the wonderful, and very limited-edition (now out of print) 5-EP live box set from Elvis Costello and his piano player extraordinaire, Attraction Steve Nieve, released back in 1996.

The material, recorded in five different cities on five different nights in May 1996, provides a most suitable showcase for Costello’s songwriting skills (including some of his work with Paul McCartney) and Nieve’s impressive keyboard chops. 

As well as reinterpretations of classic Costello moments, there are also some eclectic and gorgeous covers of some standards and lesser known songs by other artists.

It’s mostly just Elvis and Steve, though a few others show up on a couple of tracks  (Pete Thomas plays drums on a few cuts) to round out the proceedings. 

Unsurprisingly these songs sound fantastic stripped down to guitar and piano. Only 30,000 of these were pressed ... 5 EPs from 5 different concerts that the duo played in 1996. 

No Elvis Costello collection is complete without this one!

This box is long gone but a few are on offer at Amazon -- see links. 


Los Angeles: Live At The Troubadour
1-1 Temptation 3:50
1-2 Poor Fractured Atlas 4:58
1-3 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself   3:27
1-4 It's Time 5:55
1-5 Man Out Of Time  4:56
1-6 Shallow Grave  2:54

San Francisco: Live At The Fillmore
2-1 Just About Glad 3:59
2-2 Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? 4:10
2-3 My Dark Life 7:13
2-4 All This Useless Beauty 5:57
2-5 Ship Of Fools  6:12

Chicago: Live At The Park West
3-1 The Long Honeymoon 4:25
3-2 Starting To Come To Me 2:47
3-3 The Other End Of The Telescope  4:32
3-4 All The Rage 4:02
3-5 Watching The Detectives 6:09

Boston: Live At The Paradise
4-1 You Bowed Down 4:56
4-2 The Long Honeymoon 4:46
4-3 Distorted Angel 4:45
4-4 The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes 2:49
4-5 Little Atoms 5:37
4-6 My Funny Valentine 3:02

New York: Live At The Supper Club
5-1 Black Sails In The Sunset 3:17
5-2 You'll Never Be A Man 3:16
5-3 Just A Memory 3:44
5-4 I Want To Vanish 3:22
5-5.  Medley 6:16
5-5.1 Alison  
5-5.2 Living A Little, Laughing A Little
5-5.3 Tracks Of My Tears
5-5.4 Tears Of A Clown
5-5.5 No More Tearstained Make-Up
5-5.6 Clowntime Is Over

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