Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Video - Beck's "Think I'm In Love"

What does it mean to fake your death ... to wake up tainted?

Eels meets Talking Heads? ... Yap, it's the mellifluous slice of pop angst "Think I'm in Love" from Mr. Hansen.

The song was released as a single form the fine LP The Information, released some moons back - an album where producer Nigel Godrich and Beck went for a hip hop rather than a stripped down feel.  Upon its release on October 3, 2006 Beck said he finally got to do things his way .... "I've been trying to do something like this for the last three albums.

Rolling Stone magazine named it the 24th best album of 2006, while Spin magazine ranked it number 10 on their 40 Best Albums of 2006.

Despite the neurotic self-obsessed subject matter of fretting about being in love, the song retains a light optimistic tone.

As to the wonderful playful simple surreal vid, Beck stated in an interview with 'Wired' magazine ...
"We filmed a series of very low-budget, home made videos for all the songs on the record. We got a bunch of cameras and a $100 video mixer off eBay and shot 15 silly, impromptu videos against a green screen. We even invited our friends and family into the studio to be a part of the action and my mother-in-law did the lighting, and my son and nieces and nephews are running around acting crazy. It was just a complete free-for-all, done on the fly."

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