Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Dumb Side - Shhh .... It's Suntory Time for Michael Owen!

For relaxing times, make it Spey time! .. indeed!

A real bizarro moment here where wealthy horse-owning ex-footy kicker Michael Owen goes all Bob Harris (as played by Bill Murray in Lost in Translation) and earns another truck of moolah hawking some crap called Spey in Asia!

Owen’s monotonous tones takes us on a very weird journey through his stable, rattling off surreal bullshit lines such as “the spirit of a warrior courses through me” (yap, warrior is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing Owen's name!) and enjoying light banter with the horses, before he finishes the commercial off with a “shhh!” so creepy it will haunt your dreams.

Don't worry Mike .. only Asian folk will ever see this piece of crap!

Yap, Spey Whisky have paid Owen to 'keep the secret' about their whiskey, although it's not a secret anymore after the advert went viral, with many quick to mock the former Liverpool and Manchester United striker's monotone voice.

Owen was appointed Asia ambassador for Scottish Whisky distillery, Spey in June 2014. The 3 year deal will see Owen lending his name and image to various expressions which will go on sale mainly in Asia to help promote the brand.
Interestingly, he reveals his life passion is for horseracing - so I guess he hated all those years wasted kicking a dumb ball around to earn shedloads of cash!

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