Monday, 26 January 2015

Art of DVD - Mamie Van Doren Double Bill: The Candidate / Johnny Gunman

The Candidate stars Mamie Van Doren and June Wilkinson in a salacious political satire involving the sexcapades of an up and coming politician (Ted Knight). 
Set over the course of one night in New York, Johnny Gunman is a lost late period noir following a tense battle between two mob boss hopefuls. 
Scanned And Restored Print In 2k From 35mm Archival Elements.

The Candidate also known as Party Girls For The Candidate is a 1964 film starring the Fabulous Mamie Van Doren. The double-entendres are very funny and she tosses them off with ease. At the time, this was released in art houses and was considered an adults-only film. Mamie looks great and does a sexy twist number you won't soon forget! It's great to see one of her rare films released on DVD. Hopefully there will be more to follow from Mamie -- a living legend and one of the last stars from the golden age of Hollywood.
           by K. Nolting 

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