Thursday, 15 January 2015

Art of the Cover - Stornoway's "You Don’t Know Anything" (2013)

Diggin' the idiosyncratic artwork! And the music.

It's Stornoway's wonderful You Don't Know Anything - a companion piece to the excellent Tales From Terra Firma, released a few months earlier.

The tracks here aren't leftovers or B-Sides but tracks the band wanted to include on Tales From Terra Firma but felt they really deserved their own showcase.

Vocalist, Brian Biggs explains:
“This record is a collection of songs from the farther extremes of our song writing and arranging spectrum. You might spot the influence of artists as wide-ranging as the Flaming Lips, Ray Charles, The Specials, Tom Waits, Gorillaz, Juluka, Beck, Teenage Fanclub… 
They are songs which we are very proud of, and which we dearly wanted to include on our latest album Tales From Terra Firma, but which didn’t quite fit in with the mood or ‘journey’ of that collection. 
They are more collaborative than our previous releases - with most of the songs being co-writes, and for the first time they feature some Steadman song-writing.”

01 – When you touch down from outer space
02 – Waiting on the clock
03 – The 6th wave
04 – Tumbling bay
05 – You don’t know anything
06 – Clockwatching

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