Monday, 5 January 2015

Art of the Cover - Parquet Courts' "Sunbathing Animal" (2014)

An interesting piece of tiger inspired postmodern art adorns the recent fine Sunbathing Animal LP. 

Sunbathing Animal was the follow up to the mighty Light Up Gold LP from Seventies loving punksters Parquet Courts.

The art was designed by frontman Andrew Savage.

Sadly, not a real tiger, but Savage's cat Frida is the "sunbathing animal" that the album's title - and song #8 therein - refers to.

As to the music, somebody wrote ...
Much as Light Up Gold and the subsequent EP Tally All The Things That You Broke offered a uniquely tattered perspective on everyday life, Sunbathing Animal applies the same layered thoughts and sprawling noise to more cerebral, inward-looking themes. While heightened in its heaviness and mania, the album also represents a huge leap forward in terms of songwriting and vision
Yap .. what he said!


1. Bodies Made Of
2. Black And White
3. Dear Ramona
4. What Color Is Blood
5. Vienna II
6. Always Back In Town
7. She's Rolling
8. Sunbathing Animal
9. Up All Night
10. Instant Disassembly
11. Ducking & Dodging
12. Raw Milk
13. Into The Garden
14. Black And White (7-Inch Version)

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