Thursday, 1 January 2015

Art of the Cover - The Church's "Further/Deeper" (2014)


What wonderful artwork!

Yap, the wonderful Steve Kilbey and The Church are back with release of the band’s long awaited new record Further/Deeper.

Further/Deeper, which is due out on Jan. 23rd and can be pre-ordered now.

The album also comes in a special 2-LP vinyl version, which contains bonus tracks.

The new album, the band’s 25th, was released last month in Australia, but doesn’t arrive in North America until Feb. 3rd.

After over three decades of making music in various formats, lineups, places and cognitive states, this is a band who have committed to exploring unchartered sonic territories. With long-time member Marty Willson-Piper being unavailable, Ian Haug (formerly of Powderfinger) came on board to partner the iconic guitar playing of founding member Peter Koppes.

Describing this album,"The magic started on day one," says singer/bass player Steve Kilbey. "Someone strummed a chord or struck a drum or plucked a note and we were off. We wrote and recorded like demons and it was inspiring to feel every member using all his resources in the service of this record".

Twenty-six songs were born over eight days of exploration in Sydney in late 2013. Guitarist Peter Koppes, recalibrating his personal canvas in the absence of his long-time foil Marty Willson-Piper, drew palpable inspiration from the quartet's remixed chemistry.

"This new incarnation of the band with Ian Haug has brought a joyous energy to the music we've written together," he says.


1. Vanishing Man
2. Delirious
3. Pride Before A Fall
4. Toy Head
5. Laurel Canyon
6. Love Philtre
7. Globe
8. Spinning
9. Old Coast Road
10. Lightning White
11. Let Us Go
12. Volkano
13. Miami

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