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Art of the Cover - Celia and The Mutations "You Better Believe Me" (1977)

So the manager of The Stranglers sees cute, doe-eyed, posh bird Celia Gollin singing in a crap club, sips his glass of cheap red plonk and comes up with the concept ....  hot posh totty fronts dirty macho punk band !

Pure genius!

Gollin could scarcely have looked or sounded further away from the Stranglers' then much maligned image as misogynist hard men. But the union worked.

With a name derived from Ben Johnson’s Volpone, the punktastic Celia and The Mutations, sadly, released only two singles -  "Mony Mony" and "You Better Believe Me".

The team cut a ferocious version of Tommy James & the Shondells' "Mony Mony" for release in spring 1977 on the Stranglers' United Artists label. It failed to sell, but the venture still demanded a follow-up. This was it.

"You Better Believe Me" was co-written by Celia and Stranglers bassist Jean Jacques Burnel. The decent B-side Round And Round was also an original track, co-written by Celia.

Many observers believe that, had Gollin been willing to promote the single, it might well have been a hit. However, her shyness prevailed, and the entire project faded away.

Both Celia and The Mutations singles later appeared on 1988's Rarities compilation from The Stranglers.

Celia here actually did a Morrissey here, years before Mozza was on the scene, by discarding her Christian name and going only by the single handle Gollin.

Celia would go on to provide backing vocals on a number of Stranglers' tracks.

You Better Believe Me
Round And Round 

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