Friday, 16 January 2015

Art of the Cover - Abigail's "Abigail" (1973)

Whooaa ... seems a truckload of mascara was evidently shipped in for this buxom blonde-bombshell's cleavage-tastic cover shoot!

Yap, it's the idiosyncratic, eponymous - and lone - LP released by enigmatic Brit starlet Abigail Rogan - known by the single handle Abigail -a major 70's sex symbol in Australia!

London-born actress Abigail Rogan became Australia’s first television sex symbol as a result of her role as the sensual but virginal Bev Houghton in the atrociously camp but surprisingly popular soap Number 96 (1972-1973).

Her acting skills were not exactly Oscar worthy but Festival Records reckoned they were on to a good thing and set her up in Sydney's Studio 24 with producer Martin Erdman (of 'World of Sound' fame).

The result is a platter full of naughty ditties like the subtly titled Please Terry, Do It One More Time,  My Baby Does It Good and Do It Again !

Rogan's breathy cover of the Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot/ Jane Birkin erotic classic "Je T'aime (I Love You)" was a big hit locally (#6), even if the lyric rewrite eschewed the more blatantly sexual aspects of the original.

Other tracks included covers of Jim Croce's "These Dreams", Lyndsey De Paul's "Sugar Me" and Gato Barbieri's "Last Tango in Paris".

Although the Gainsbourg cover and, to a lesser extent, this debut LP were achieved decent sales locally, follow-ups - including a bizarro comedic release with ventriloquist Chris Kirby - were not and, very soon after, Abigail would leave her brief musical foray behind her.


A1 An Occasional Man
A2 My Baby Does It Good
A3 New Fangled Tango
A4 These Dreams
A5 Do It Again
A6 Je T'aime (I Love You)

B1 Sugar Me
B2 The Man I Love
B3 (Just As) I Am
B4 Pillow Talk
B5 Last Tango In Paris
B6 Please Terry, Do It One More Time

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