Friday, 12 December 2014

The Video - The Civil Wars' "Barton Hollow"

Won't do me no good washing in the river - can't no preacher man save my soul.

This delightful ditty from a few moons back, cropped up on the randomiser thingy on my music thingamajig today. I hadn't heard it in ages so dug out the wonderful B&W vid again.

The second single from, and title-track to, a fine debut album, it's Barton Hollow; a gorgeous dark piece of raw rustic rocky americana tinged with pained powerful down-south blues. and adorned with with the sumptuous swooning harmonies of Joy Williams.

Credited to band compadres Joy Williams and John Paul White, it's a tale of a truly cursed soul who's entered into a faustian pact with lucifer (there sure are a lot of fuckers like that out there these days!) in Barton Alabama. Now though has come the time to pay the piper and there's no hiding place.


The beautifully composed video for Barton Hollow was shot in wild environs of, ironically, Mt. Zion in Tennessee.

The promo was filmed and edited by Becky Fluke.

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