Friday, 13 February 2015

The Song - PJ Harvey and John Parish's "Black Hearted Love"

When you call out my name in rapture, I volunteer my soul for murder.  

Another classic from the Winsome Witch of the West Country! It's "Black Hearted Love", the lead single from 2009's fine "A Woman a Man Walked By" by PJ and the excellent John Parish.

An album which was a real return to form after a few dodgy outings for Polly Jean - still (not meaning to damn her with faint praise!) one of the greatest female songwriting talents of the past few decades.

A song that harks back to her earlier days when her raw wild music was like a restless, bloodthirsty shark slicing through a sea of bloated muzak minnows, devouring all before it!

A song with beautiful experimental instrumentation, kicked off by a truly mighty opening riff!

A fucked up, mutated song of love.

"I'd like to take you. I'd like to take you. To a place I know. My black hearted .... My black hearted."

A song of dark, ambiguous, athmospheric, resonant, minimalist, evocative poetry.

A song of sublimation. Of subjugation.

A song of possession. Of surrender.

A song of twisted obsession and masochism.

A song of anguished sanctity and the profane.

A song of mangled madness and lust.

A song of tangled sickness and devotion.

A song with sex seeping through every pore.

A song of primordial desire; the raging animal deep inside.

A song where the writer "volunteer(s) my soul for murder."

A song of temptation, weakness, sin.

A song that takes us to "the garden"; all the way back to Eden.

A sumptuous ambiguous piece of post-modern, existentialist, motherficking blues, baby!

Gotta love the vid too! Pretty Polly getting all wet ... and bouncing in slo-mo on some creepy plastic fairground castle thingy situated in the middle of the scariest forest this side of the Brothers Grimm!!

One complaint though. Yeah, Pol's got far far too many clothes on!!

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