Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Music - Martha and The Vandellas' "Nowhere To Run"

I know you're no good for me but you've become a part of me.  

Don't forget the Motor City, indeed! Yap, a timeless, stone-cold muddafuken soul/pop classic here from 1965 out of Detroit by Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford and (then new recruit) Betty Kelly - with no small help from The Funk Brothers.

Another magical Motown masterpiece written and produced by the legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland triumverate.

Built around the most delicious and evocative of melodies, blasted out beautifully and powerfully - both vocally and instrumentally - it's the brass-tastic tale of a tortured chick trapped in a obsessive relationship with a guy that, though charming as fuck ('a lover that's sugar sweet') ain't no god-damn good.

However, it's a relationship that. though she desperately wants to, she knows she can't wriggle free from ('each night as I sleep, into my heart you creep; I wake up feeling sorry I met you, hoping soon that I'll forget you.')
She simply cannot break loose and despises herself for that weakness.

Yap, she's 'got nowhere to run baby; nowhere to hide' (a little like that none too subtle double-entendre ... 'when it's so deep, so deep, deep inside of me'!!)

Although "Nowhere" was a reasonable commercial success, I was surprised to learn that it wasn't actually a massive universal smash hit. I mean how many pop songs better than this were released in 1965?

Released as a single from the gals' third platter, Dance Party, "Nowhere To Run" climbed to number eight on the US Billboard Pop Singles chart and reached number twenty-six in the UK charts.

There's a great time-capsule performance here from some bizarre US  telly show called Shindig! back in '65.

As well as singing the song, looking hot as hell and wriggling their adorable butts, the gals here display their renowned "balancing on precarious boxes randomly strewn around" trick!

Why the hell are there five boxes here though?

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