Monday, 8 December 2014

Art of the Cover - Jane Birkin's "Arabesque" (2002)

British-born Birkin, with her deep bangs and waif-like, androgynous persona, was an iconic 1960s sex kitten. Her exploits ranged from the three-way scene in in Antonioni¹s film Blow Up to performing one-half of her late ex-husband Serge Gainsbourg's notorious (in retrospect, also quite witty!) erotic duet, "Je T'Aime, Moi Non Plus." These days, although her trademark breathy vocal style remains as subtly elusive as ever, she has finally moved on to a mature and womanly sensibility. 
This live album features an all-Gainsbourg program, but his romantic, world-weary satires are now wreathed in sultry Middle Eastern instrumentation, which suits them remarkably well. The songwriter died relatively young, worn out by cigarettes and hard living. Birkin's interpretations, while based on inside knowledge of the man and his music, are filtered through a shifting kaleidoscope of private images. Her sensuous, sophisticated renditions are part of Gainsbourg's legacy but more importantly, they make scrumptious listening.  
by Christina Roden

With an arabian twist to the usual French pop sensibilities and fine vocals the effect is a subtly seductively exotic album filled with delights. It's almost like Ferrero Rocher but you feel as if "you're really spoiling us" with this collection. This has to go down as a first rate tribute to the late great Serge Gainsbourg and also a first-rate live album too. A must have for those interested in great music. 
by filterite

1. Elisa
2. Et Quand Bien Meme
3. L'amour De Moi
4. Couleur Cafe
5. Anno 'Close To The River'
6. Depression Au Dessus Du Jardin
7. Valse De Melody
8. Haine Pour Aime
9. Amours Des Feintes
10. She Left Home (Instrumental)
11. Les Dessous Chics
12. Les Cles Du Paradis
13. Fuir Le Bonheur
14. Comment Te Dire Adieu
15. Baby Alone In Babylone
16. La Javanaisie

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