Monday, 8 December 2014

Art of the Cover - The Family Rain's "Under The Volcano" (2014)

The acclaimed debut album by the Brit rockers The Family Rain, released through Virgin EMI Records.

 "Under The Volcano" was produced by Jim Abbiss and recorded over four weeks at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin.

The release was preceded by the singles "Trust Me I'm A Genius", "Carnival", "Reason to Die", "Feel Better (FRANK)" and the EP "Pushing It"..


1. "Carnival"   3:07
2. "Trust Me... I'm a Genius"   2:12
3. "Feel Better (FRANK)"   3:15
4. "Don't Waste Your Time"   3:54
5. "Reason to Die"   2:51
6. "Binocular"   3:02
7. "On My Back"   3:11
8. "Pushing It"   3:20
9. "Together"   4:01
10. "All the Best"   3:29

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