Saturday, 20 December 2014

Art of the Cover - The Church's "Deep In The Shallows (30th Anniversary Singles Collection)" (2010)

A striking cover adorns this wonderful double-CD set that compiles all the classic singles from one of Australia's finest exports.

The Church's blend of Byrds-like jangle, soaring melodies, psychedelic dynamics and an almost Goth-like hint of darkness endeared them to the Alternative/New Wave crowd through most of the 80s and beyond.

This two-CD set compiles their finest moments and features some of the greatest sounds to emerge from Oz over the last 30 years.

The whopping 32 tracks include classics like ''Under The Milky Way,'' ''Almost With You,'' ''Reptile,'' ''The Unguarded Moment,'' ''Constant In Opal,'' ''Ripple,'' ''Already Yesterday'' as well as newer releases like ''Pangaea'' and ''Operetta'', two singles from 2009's critically acclaimed album Untitled #23.

This  definitive collection of The Church's illustrious 30 year career also includes a lovely 16-page booklet that spans the band's career with photos and sleeves from all of their singles as well as liner notes from legendary Rolling Stone writer David Fricke!

Meanwhile in Church-world, the good news is that the band are set fair to release their long awaited new record Further/Deeper, which comes in a special 2-LP vinyl pressing  with bonus tracks.

Further/Deeper, is due out on Jan. 23rd and can be pre-ordered now. The new album, the band’s 25th, was released last month in Australia, but doesn’t arrive in North America until Feb. 3rd.


Disc 1

1. She Never Said
2. The Unguarded Moment
3. Too Fast for You
4. Tear It All Away
5. Almost with You
6. When You Were Mine
7. A Different Man
8. It's No Reason
9. Electric Lash
10. Constant in Opal
11. Already Yesterday
12. Tantalized
13. Columbus
14. Disenchanted
15. Antenna
16. Reptile
17. Destination
18. Under the Milky Way

Disc 2

 1. Metropolis
2. You're Still Beautiful
3. Russian Autumn Heart
4. Ripple
5. Feel
6. Two Places at Once
7. Welcome
8. Comedown
9. Louisiana
10. Numbers
11. Song in Space (Short Trip)
12. Block
13. Pangaea
14. Operetta

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