Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Word - Dance

by Edward Olive Photography

Love is like a cigarette burning as it gets closer to the lips, the song says. We come from a dark and an infinite silence. We left the light on in the universe which is holding a dance, in which we are forced to dance, some herded by the whip, others to the sound of the blues of Duke Ellington, who sang with Ivie Anderson, having given a few turns around the sun - not many; eighty-odd years worth at most. Then we got out of that wheel and entered another infinite darkness. Life is burned in the air like the glow of a cigarette smoke between two infinite silences. Born again as we are, it is a mathematical impossibility, so we must consider it a miracle to have been invited to this dance. Although there is little reason to rejoice at such a fate, many people are adamant that this holiday is as pleasant as imaginable and it's truly worthwhile to have been alive.The oracles never cease to recite the misfortunes that are coming, but if you try to spend some pleasant moments on this planet, the first rule is to not spoil them ..... The Plasma TV has replaced the old arena of Greek and Roman theaters or the Globe in London where chickens were raffled in the stalls while Shakespearean kings were stabbed on stage. All these passions are condensed into the three minute newscast, the time needed to finish a cigarette .....We come into this world to dance. Some will dance herded by a whip, others will dance rocked by a blues that made ​​them find such sweetness. It's summer.  

- Manuel Vicent ( El País , 06/27/10)

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