Friday, 7 November 2014

The Cover Version - Stephen Malkmus does Can's "One More Night"

one more thinking you're right ....

Seems it wasn't just Mark E. Smith that, erm ... heavily influenced Pavement's oeuvre!

Yap, Krautrock fan, Stephen Malkmus apparently loves Teutonic masters Can so much, he recorded a ful Licks-less version of their classic Ege Bamyasi LP.

Malkmus has been quoted as saying "I played Can's Ege Bamyası album every night before I went to sleep for about three years."

Ege Bamyası was the fourth studio album from Can and was originally released as an LP in 1972 by United Artists.

For last year's Record Store Day, Malkmus released the limited edition "Can's Ege Bamyasi"; an excellent  live performance of the entire record. 

The "Can's Ege Bamyasi" LP was released in a very limited-edition of 3,500 on green vinyl in the U.S. and red vinyl in Europe.

From said tribute album, Malkmus and pals knock out a great version of "One More Night" in the vid below.

The recording was made in late 2012 at Week-End Fest in Cologne, backed by Cologne band Von Spar, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the seminal collection.

Down the years. a number of artists have played cover versions of songs from Ege Bamyası. 

Remix versions of several tracks by various artists (Sonic Youth, UNKLE, Pete Shelley etc.) are included on the wonderful Sacrilege collection.

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