Saturday, 1 November 2014

Art of the Cover - The Glories' "Soul Legend"

The glorious Glories go go-go .. and psychedelic here!

A wonderful collection of original tracks and a few covers from the great- though sadly short lived and very neglected - girl group The Glories.

Included here are great 1967/68 period singles like "My Sweet Sweet Baby" and "I Stand Accused".

The Glories were formed in the late Sixties by leader Frankie Gearing  - a Floridian transported to New York - along with producer Bob Yorey.

Later, Mildred Vaney and Delores Brown were recruited to be in the group.

The Glories first release "I Stand Accused" was a minor hit. However, further singles - despite being quality  releases - failed to chart. The fantastic "My Sweet Sweet Baby" certainly should have been a smasheroo!. 

The Glories were later taken under the wing of Memphis master Willie Mitchell. Dolores Brown left the group - to be replaced by Lois Reeves - and the group became Hi Records hitmakers Quiet Elegance, once again featuring Frankie's glorious vocals.


1 I Stand Accused  
2 Wish They Could Write A Song  
3 (I Love You Babe But) Give Me My Freedom  
4 Security  
5 Sing Me A Love Song  
6 Oh Babe, That's Love  
7 My Sweet Sweet Baby  
8 Stand By (I'm Coming Home)  
9 I Worship You Baby  
10 Don't Dial My Number  
11 No News  
12 Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad  
13 There He Is  
14 Try A Little Tenderness  
15 Dark End Of The Street  

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