Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Video - Johnny Marr's “Easy Money”

Johnny Marr - "Easy Money" video

Watching humans fall and that's only money ....

Here's “Easy Money” - the lead single for Johnny Marr's brand new album 'Playland'.

'Playland', is the follow-up to 2013's sublime solo debut 'The Messenger'.

The stream of consciousness style “Easy Money” is built on some delicious revved-up trademark Marr riffs.

The song's the tale of a world-weary man who once would've sold his soul for the fantasy of wealth  ("I used to want it all and that's money money") but who now, at last, realises the world of capitalist greed ("you can walk the street and it's money money") and fame-hungry whores ("catch a fantasy cause it's money money!") is hellishly empty and irreparably soulless.

There's not any sense; there is no innocence ... indeed!

The witty video has a great deal of fun with the idea of Marr and his supposedly cool-as-fuck, bandmates strutting through a run-down, dreary, empty English seaside resort town - a place Marr's bestest buddy Morrissey might refer to as "the coastal town that they forgot to close down"!

We see the black-clad hipsters in tiny casinos and empty pubs and convenience stores, always looking completely aloof, despite the crapness of their surroundings. 

David Barnes directs.  

Speaking to NME, the former Smiths guitarist said the 'Playland' LP was a continuation of the acclaimed  'The Messenger  and was written while on the road in the past two years. 

Unlike its predecessor, which was made between Berlin, New York and Manchester, 'Playland' was recorded in London at Tritone Studios near Tower Bridge.

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