Monday, 13 October 2014

The Music - Weezer's "Cleopatra"

Your beauty is faded, you're a broken shell ....

It's Rivers and pals with "Cleopatra" - the second single from [their mighty new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. An album produced once again by long time band affiliate Ric Ocasek of influential new wave outfit The Cars, and a real throwback to Weezer's classic sound ... which is a very good fucking thing!

Beneath trademark addictive power riffs, this one's a rather dark ditty of long gone love ("all the wine we tasted, all the love we made" ) and realisation of imminent mortality ("your beauty has faded ; you're a broken shell.")

A song of impermanence and experience, perhaps.

Cuomo recently said of the band's new LP ... "The overarching theme of the album is an increased awareness of the impermanence of everything we took for granted" and "Cleopatra" certainly fits in with that motif.  

 All the strumming lyres will decorate your grave ... indeed!

Oddly though, Rivers didn't bother knocking up a video for this thing!

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