Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Music - Sun Kil Moon's "War On Drugs, Suck My Cock"

Here It Is: Sun Kil Moon's Song

War On Drugs loves Fleetwood Mac. War On Drugs loves Mellencamp. War On Drugs, let’s give ’em a cheer. War On Drugs, to make three albums took ’em nine fucking years .... War On Drugs, suck my cock!

Mark Kozelek is sure one massive fan of Philly's own Adam Granduciel, aka War On Drugs - purveyors of "basic John Fogerty rock."

So much so, he's even written a scathing - and hilarious! - epic musical rant about 'em!

The one-sided "feud" has being going on a few weeks now, culminating in the charmingly titled song "War On Drugs, Suck My Cock".  
The beef arose when cranky Koz felt that his set was being drowned out by WOD  sound bleedover, when they were both playing at a music festival thing, recently. 

The two bands were playing at the same time during the Ottawa Folk Fest, and when the War On Drugs’ sound threatened to drown out his own, Kozelek said, “I hate that beer commercial lead-guitar shit. This next song is called, ’The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick.’” The War On Drugs were not amused, asking on Twitter if Kozelek had been “talking shit.” But Kozelek wasn’t done having fun at the War On Drugs’ expense.

In addition to targeting the Philadelphia band, he talks about the Hopscotch festival where he called the crowd 'hillbillies' .... "We were playing a show down in Chapel Hill to a bunch of drunk hillbillies, and it smelled like swill"

The third verse is dedicated to the initial coverage of the Hopscotch concert by Indy Week .... "Someone got offended and wrote a piece of crap." Kozelek refers to the writer Allison Hussey as "some spoiled bitch rich kid blogger brat"!

"To make three albums, took 'em nine fuckin' years," adds Koz - who drops an album every 6 weeks, seemingly!!

Meanwhile, Koz's deliberately stilted guitar solo interpolates Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer”!

He relents a teeny tad at one point, telling of a meeting with Granduciel, and calls the War on Drugs "nice" - however, he caustically adds " their hair is long and greasy; hope they don’t have lice"!

However, Koz seemingly fails to see the irony in deeming WOD "the whitest band I’ve ever fucking heard"!  .... Has he ever heard any Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon / Mark Kozelek music??

(BTW ... since when has the adjective "white" assumed a fucking pejorative meaning?) 

Check the ditty out below .... you can also download via link below, thanks to

Meanwhile, in transmissions from Koz-land, stay tuned over the coming weeks for the arrival of Marks' brand new album .... Mark Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols (yes, friends .. that is a real thing!)

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