Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Music - Richard Hell & The Voidoids blast out "Blank Generation" (1979)

I was saying "let me out of here" before I was even born

Richard Hell  & The Voidoids blast out a version of "Blank Generation"  back in 1979.

This (of course!) was from a gig at CBGB´s.

This classic existentialist/nihilist punk anthem vividly paints a picture of Hell's life in the 70s, as a junkie poet who felt totally cut off - and isolated - from the rest of the world.

The song was the title track to Richard's seminal 1977 album - a collection AllMusic called "one of the most powerful [albums] to come from punk's first wave" and "groundbreaking punk rock that followed no one's template, and today it sounds just as fresh - and nearly as abrasive - as it did when it first hit the racks".

An album described as "a thrilling and improbably poignant listening experience" by BBC Music, on its 2007 re-issue.

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