Thursday, 2 October 2014

Art of the Cover - Washed Out's "Within and Without" (2011)


The cover for Within and Without uses an image that appeared in the May 2011 issue of  the insidious Cosmopolitan magazine, accompanying an article titled "Is This the Most Satisfying Sex Position?"

Washed Out  - aka  Ernest Greene - told Exclaim! ...
"We licensed the image from the photographer Martien Mulder from New York. I had seen the image in this avant-garde photography magazine while we were on tour in Australia and it was just an ad for one of her exhibitions. I loved it for a lot of different reasons. When we licensed it we thought we had exclusive rights to it and then a month later she licensed it again to Cosmopolitan." 
He also stated he was disappointed to see the photo used in an article on sexual positions, "mainly because it undercut all of my ideas about what the image represented and what the album represented", as he felt "it wasn't sexual at all and it wasn't supposed to be provocative."

Within and Without debuted at number twenty-six on the Billboard 200 and also received very positive reviews from music critics.

Slant Magazine's Kevin Liedel praised its juxtaposition of "warm, decades-old retrograde styles with the despondent, isolated, and decidedly modern mood of [Ernest] Greene's alienated narratives ... Melodies and instrumentation are infused with sunny, tender basslines and mellow synths that harken back to soft, '70s-era R&B rhythms, electrified '80s pop, and synth-heavy shoegaze, while Greene's muffled vocals and haunting atmospherics provide angst-ridden counterpoints."


1. "Eyes Be Closed"   4:47
2. "Echoes"   4:08
3. "Amor Fati"   4:26
4. "Soft"   5:31
5. "Far Away"   4:00
6. "Before"   4:46
7. "You and I" (featuring Caroline Polachek) 5:13
8. "Within and Without"   3:32
9. "A Dedication"   4:17

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