Monday, 1 December 2014

Art of the Cover - Sea Oleena's "Shallow" (2014)

Erm .... some sort of Johnny Cash tribute?

Yap ... I hurt myself today!

Some stark powerful art adorns the debut LP from Montreal chick Charlotte Loseth (aka Sea Oleena.)

Loseth described her LP as the result of "three seasons' worth of endless nights and half-lived days," a nod to the deliriousness that's marked most of her music.

Charlotte Loseth shared her first EP via Bandcamp in 2010. A devout corner of the blog community - from Delicious Scopitone to Portals - has greeted her music with a hushed reverence ever since. So it was amid great anticipation that the Montreal artist released her debut full-length - recorded in various bedrooms and studios, with help from her brother Luke - this month.  
Dovetailing ambient soundscapes with poetic songwriting, Shallow is the album in which one could easily (as MOKB suggests) spend the coming autumn and winter months completely immersed. 


01 – If I’m
02 – Shallow
03 – To Hold
04 – Shades of Golden
05 – Everyone with Eyes Closed
06 – Vinton, La
07 – Paths

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