Sunday, 12 October 2014

Art of the Cover - Rivulets' "I Remember Everything" (2014)


An appropriately minimalist cover adorns this fine new collection of minimalist gems.

For 15 years, Nathan Amundson has performed under the name Rivulets producing minimalist Slowcore meets American mini-dramas with Red House Painters flair.

"I Remember Everything" - the fifth Rivulets album - was released by Jellyfant Records.

Here's a nice introduction to "I Remember Everything" from Alan Sparhawk of Low ...

I've known Nathan for many years and we've played shows and made records together, so I know his thing - hushed, reaching vocals weaving an often melancholic impression over sparse guitar and ambient backdrop.  
As the opening song ("Reinforced/Delicate") stumbles in, carrying that familiar weight, I thought I knew what was coming, but I was wrong. By the first two lines of "Into the Night", the second song, I had to sit down because if the rest of the record was going to be like this, I knew I wanted to be there with it.  
To my delight, it did not let up - every song a relentless epiphany, the ragged edge of emotional, even physical, abandon. Timeless songs like "My Favorite Drug is Sleep" and "I was Once a Handsome Man" careen into the more artful/obtuse textures even thru the sprawling electric tribute of "Ride on, Molina." This is what happens when someone with a truly unique vision sticks to their guns and proves it. 
- Alan Sparhawk 
Alan Sparhawk


01 – Reinforced Delicate
02 – Into The Night
03 – My Favorite Drug Is Sleep
04 – Summer Rain
05 – Is That All You’ve Got
06 – Ride On, Molina
07 – I Was Once A Handsome Man
08 – Carry You
09 – Your Own Place To Ruin
10 – Wrong All The Time

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