Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Art of the Cover - Paul Banks' "Banks" (2012)

Beautiful artwork adorns the third solo collection from Interpol frontman Banksy - this time foregoing his Julian Plenti alter-ego and bravely using his own name!

Art Direction and photography was by Paul himself.

Three years earlier, Paul Banks released his first-ever solo album under his Julian Plenti alter-ego, the fine Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper.

Three years later, it looked like that alter-ego was on its way back, as Banks released the Julian Plenti Lives… EP.

However, soon after, Banks just announced this -his first solo album under his own name - the imaginatively titled Banks.

Banks recorded the album with Interpol producer Peter Katis.

I'd been waiting for this album to come out for ages. Before I dig into this album I want to say that newcomers should check out Paul's first solo album, Julian Plenti is Skyscraper
Anyways back to Banks. I've been listening to this on repeat (please use headphones to hear the countless little wonderful details, i.e the cab driver talking in "Arise, Awake"). Even after finishing the first play through I was strangely optimistic because I think people will finally see Paul as a stand-alone great musician, not just as that guy from Interpol. He fuses hip-hop influences and alternative rock flawlessly. My favorite song as of now is "Another Chance".

The Base
Over My Shoulder
Arise, Awake
Young Again
I'll Sue You
Paid For That
Another Chance
No Mistakes
Summertime Is Coming

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