Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Art of the Cover - The Free Design's "Sing for Very Important People " (1970)

Great artwork adorns this wonderful collection of lush harmony sunshine pop.

A truly influential album.

The recent digitally-remastered reissue of the Free Design's 1970 album adds two previously unreleased bonus jingles recorded for a Chapstick commercial - 'For The Love Of Your Lips' (outtake 1 and 2). 

The collection includes a deluxe color booklet.  

The band's fifth album was a children's album, inspired in part by Peter, Paul and Mary's album Peter, Paul and Mommy of the previous year.

...Sing for Very Important People included a combination of original songs, covers, and a number of songs that had appeared on the band's previous albums: "Bubbles", "Daniel Dolphin" and "Kites Are Fun". 

"Little Cowboy" was written by Art Dedrick, father of most of the band's members. 

The song "Love You" began to achieve increased popularity a few years back when it was used in the closing credits of the film Stranger than Fiction and later used in many different commercials,

1. Don't Cry, Baby
2. Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?
3. Children's Waltz
4. Scarlet Tree
5. Little Cowboy
6. Love You
7. Ronda Go 'Round
8. Bubbles
9. Daniel Dolphin
10. Kites Are Fun
11. Lullaby

Bonus Tracks
12. Outtake No. 1
13. Outtake No. 3

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