Friday, 3 October 2014

Art of the Cover - The Dø's "Shake Shook Shaken" (2014)

A nice enigmatic cover shot adorns "Shake Shook Shaken"; a paean to tongue-twisting English grammar, perhaps!

After the release of their single "Keep Your Lips Sealed" just a few weeks ago,  the hotly tipped Finnish/French experimental pop duo The Dø have pretty much hit the ground running with a brand new album.

While their influences/inspirations range pretty from all over (but mostly rap/r&b), like the duo's last single "Miracles (Back in Time)",  the songs here are very much a part of their expectation-defying, genre-trouncing style.


01 – Keep Your Lips Sealed
02 – Trustful Hands
03 – Miracles (Back in Time)
04 – Sparks
05 – Going Through Walls
06 – Despai, Hangover & Ecstasy
07 – Anita No !
08 – A Mess Like This
09 – Lick My Wounds
10 – Opposite Ways
11 – Nature Will Remain
12 – Omen

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