Friday, 10 October 2014

Art of the Cover - Ballet School's "The Dew Lasts an Hour" (2014)

Aptly enough, some nice Cocteau Twins-esque artwork adorns Ballet School's fine debut LP - the teau Twins-esque titled "The Dew Lasts an Hour"!

In Berlin's thriving DIY scene, an Irish singer, Japanese-Brazilian guitarist and British drummer met in 2012 and Ballet School was born.

The group melds shoegaze and dream pop characteristics with creamy R&B and bright reverb, while its lyrics allude to youthful tropes like lost children and playground taunts.

Fittingly, the three Cocteau Twins fans were signed to the Bella Union label, which released "The Dew Lasts an Hour".

London blog In The Junkyard Music says, "the trio creates shimmering 80s-inspired synth-pop with Rosie Blair's unique vocal range sounding quirky as ever on these well-crafted pop songs." 


1. Slow Dream
2. Pale Saint
3. Ghost
4. Heliconia
5. Lux
6. Gray
7. Heartbeat Overdrive
8. Cherish
9. Jade
10. All Things Return At Night
11. Yaoi
12. Crush (Alternative)

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