Thursday, 14 May 2015

Art of the Book - Sasha Grey's "Neu Sex"

“Documenting myself has almost become a necessity ..."

More bullshit from the insane realm where the starting point Pornstar = Whore is mutated into so-called Art = Porn / Pornstar = Feminist / Feminist  = Intellectual Intellectual Pornstar ......

Yap, naughty nasty AV whore, Sasha Grey, has successfully crossed over into more mainstream areas of entertainment such as "acting", music and modelling. Now, she showcases her lens skills in this new book which tells her story through photography.

Upon first, erm ... penetrating(!) the adult film industry, Gray began taking her photography more seriously, bringing a camera with her to document her experiences on set. Through these self-portraits, and others taken by her fiance, Ian, Grey gives an intimate portrait of her thoughts, emotions, feelings and mood while working in the adult industry.

Using the German title "Neu Sex" - rather than say, the stupid title "New Sex" - proves this chick's not a bimbo!

The demure one herself describes the background to the book ....

“When I first got into the adult industry, I decided to take my photography much more seriously. I started taking a camera with me to capture my experiences on set, so it was a moment in time, a memory for myself—not the video that would be seen by thousands of people.

On days where I was physically unable to capture an image, Ian, my fiancé, became my third arm. He understands my aesthetic, or lack thereof. Ian is a photographer, yet the work in this book is quite different from his usual style. When you are so close with someone, there is a shorthand and true understanding of what the other person is trying to accomplish.

If there’s something I am physically unable to photograph, I can say one word and Ian can assist me with my vision. Ian can capture intimate moments with me that nobody can fabricate, because of our relationship. The strong sense of familiarity eliminates all boundaries between the subject and the photographer.”

“There are so many photos of me, taken by other people, that aesthetically I have no control over. Documenting myself allows me to reflect on the day, on the feelings I am having at that second. When you work in the entertainment industry, there are always surprises; there certainly isn’t one day that is similar to the last. Personally, it’s important to embrace this and appreciate it every day.

“Still images vividly capture emotion, a second in time that can be left open for interpretation by the viewer and the creator. I am inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin. Sherman’s work continues to inspire me to develop certain characters. I figured if I am on set I might as well take advantage of my surroundings, and document my life in an exciting, untraditional manner. I look back at photos, and see how much I’ve grown, how my opinions have changed, and how they will continue to change.”

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