Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Video - The War on Drugs' "Under the Pressure"

a dream like this gets wasted without you ...

Hey, it's a moment from Mark Kozelek's personal favourite band!

Yap, it's Philly's ownAdam Granduciel with the mighty "Under the Pressure" - a single from his excellent 2014 release, "Lost In The Dream".

The beautifully sweeping Lost In The Dream was written and recorded by Granduciel over two-plus years in Philadelphia, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey, following almost two years of nigh nonstop touring in support of 2011's acclaimed Slave Ambient LP.

The 9-minute epic, "Under the Pressure" - the opening track to the LP -  has some real Dylanesque - and Springsteenesque! - musical echoes!

The song's a very dark and existentialist (we're runaways standing in the wake of our pain and we stare straight into nothin') yet beautiful song.

An evocative, poetic tale of outsiders trying to hold on to something in this illusory world while they "watch as it all breaks down here under the pressure."

One that crescendos with the spitting out of a series of short-sharp shock, staccato lines - "Lying in a ditch. Pissing in the wind. Lying on my back. Loosening my grip. Wading in the water" - emphasising the character's almost predestined spiralling spin into unprecedented pain and darkness.
A wonderfully ambivalent lyric which could alternatively be read as a story of someone entangled in an ever degenerating, ever escalating mesh of drug addiction or mental illness or destructive lust/love.

Or the story of a guy with the ultimate hangover from hell!

The beautiful video for the song reflects the aesthethic of Lost In The Dream's cover artwork.

Directed by Houmam, the film divides its focus between individual shots of the Philadelphia band's members performing in an abandoned house and washed-out suburban visuals. 

The dusty windows and the muted, kaleidoscopic colors that slowly seep into the frame are very reminiscent of the wonderful album art.  

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