Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Video - Tim Fite's "Big Mistake"

Everyone gets to make one big mistake and if you're waiting on me, well, I guess you're gonna have to wait.

It's the delightful, minimalist, idiosyncratic "Big Mistake" from the uber-idiosyncratic Tim Fite!

A paean to insidious douchebag Bill Clinton, perhaps!

"Big Mistake" was a highlight on the fine Fair Ain't Fair LP (the middle part of his "Ain't" album trilogy), released back in 2008.

Watch out ... the guy's about to fuck it all up in the most spectacular way !

The song samples "Kitty and Her Beautiful Lady" by Remate.

The wonderful video was directed by Lili and Claire Carre, with animated drawings and an exclusive YouTube intro by Tim Fite.

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