Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Video - The Monochrome Set's "Jet Set Junta"

Rat-a-tat goes the sub-machine gun to restore the status quo


Yap, it's the mighty Monochrome Set with the sumptuous, short-sharp, slice of social commentary that is "Jet Set Junta."

A castigation of South American regimes of the 80's that could very well be applied to each and every godless, capitalist state - especially the US of A - today, where the status quo of the parasitical rich powerful few controlling the huddled poor masses  is enforced by ludicrous so-called 'democracy' and by the crushing force of heavily militarised police.

The single was released on the Cherry Red label back in 1983.

"Jet Set Junta" also appeared on the wonderful compilation Volume, Contrast, Brilliance - a 1983 compilation of singles, B-sides and previously unreleased recordings by the band.

The song also appeared on the comprehensive Independent Singles Collection - a 25 track release containing Monochrome Set's complete independent singles including B-sides and rare tracks.

And how nice it is to see a bullshit-free, performance-based, music video!

This video for 'Jet Set Junta' is taken from the 'Pillows & Prayers' DVD.

The  'Pillows & Prayers' DVD features Many of Cherry Red's most popular acts, including Everything But The Girl, Eyeless In Gaza and the Marine Girls.

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