Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Song - Pavement's "Two States"

We want two states! There's no culture. There's no spies. 40 million daggers!

From the sublime "Slanted And Enchanted", it's the short, sharp shock of "Two States", a wonderful minimalist, abstract slab of stream of consciousness. Clocking in at a punktastic two minutes!

If a hallmark of great art is ambiguity, this song has it in spades!

A song about the new superpowers? The split of California? The 'Cold War'? Modern power structures? The psyche? Schizophrenia? The emptiness of modern culture? The Civil War? Jungian psychology? Religion? ... Yeah, in typical Pavement fashion, perhaps all of the above. Perhaps none!

Malkmus really wears his Mark E. Smith 'influences" on his sleeve here (yet again!), with the song resembling The Fall's great "Slates" and the line "There's no culture ..." reflecting a line from The Fall's 'The Classical' which goes ... "There is no culture is my brag." Well, if you're gonna be, erm "influenced", by someone, there's nobody better than Smith!

A great animated video below by 7atenine22.

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