Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Song - Jason Isbell's "Live Oak"

I wonder who she's pining for, on nights I'm not around

From the mighty "Southeastern" LP, it's Jason Isbell with the gorgeous, evocative "Live Oak". 

A dark, disturbing (post)modern take on the age-old Murder Ballad genre.

A bleak tale of a troubled soul ("rumors of my wickedness had reached our little town") caught in a troubled love. A man desperately trying to leave a dark past behind ("there's a man who walks beside me; he is who I used to be") but cannot, always remaining slave to evil ("I carved her cross from live oak and her box from short-leaf pine and buried her so deep, she'd touch the water table line.")

Delivered in a suitably sparse acoustic style by Isbell - this time, without the 400 Unit.

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