Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Music - Ryan Adams blasts out "Gimme Something Good" on Letterman Show

There's a darkness on the rise. I'll be waiting here 'til the end of time.

It's been three long years since Ryan Adams' last album, but he's back with a wonderful new, self-titled album.

Adams and his and band The Shining joined David Letterman on the Late Show the other night to blast out the single "Gimme Something Good" from the new album.

Adams blew everyone out of the water - including Letterman, who basically begged for an encore!

Once Adams the band were done with their rousing performance, Letterman reverted to full fanboy mode — “Come on!”, “What do you want?”, “Oh my God is that's nice! Can you do just a little bit more?” 

An obliging Adams kicked into the opening riffs as the credits rolled!

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