Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Music - Real Estate belt out "Talking Backwards"on Letterman Show

Real Estate Do

I might as well be talking backwards ... am I making any sense to you? 

It's the Jersey boys - though now, like every other Indie band, hanging out in Brooklyn - Real Estate, with a live version of the gorgeous "Talking Backwards" from a Letterman show a few months back.

The song is a highlight from - and lead single to - the mighty "Atlas" LP, one of my favourite albums of 2014.

This was the band's network TV debut .. and one that surely made all female viewers out there go very very weak at the knees!

Don't miss cranky Dave's comment to the upset keyboard player about his shirt, at the end here ...
"Great shirt! Did ya get that from your cousin or somethin'?"
Must've been on the 'wrong meds' again!

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