Friday, 12 September 2014

The Music - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Give Us a Kiss" (2014)

In the blue room, you whispered into the music ...

Nick Cave is the subject of an impending new film called 20,000 Days on Earth - a semi-factual, oft-fantastical look into the Bad Seeds/Grinderman frontman's life.

To tie in with the film's release, Cave and the Seeds released the previously-unavailable cut "Give Us a Kiss".

"Give Us a Kiss" was recorded during the sessions for Push The Sky Away but - very bizarrely - did not make the final cut for the album.

A haunting, ethereal beast, climaxing with the ambiguous, foreboding line “if you want me to burn, I will”, "Give Us a Kiss" is a dark and ambivalent Cave carnal ditty from a place where "love" only means twisted obsessive unrestrained lust ("you're still hanging out in my dreams in your sister's shoes and your blue jeans"); where consummation leads only to death ("one little sip,sip,sip before you slip, slip, slip away".) 

Yap, just your typical tuck in the kids lullaby fare around Nick's place!

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