Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Music - The Fall blast out 'Big New Prinz' on Brit telly (1988)

 Check the record. Check the guy's track record. He is not ... appreciated.

After a trademark, bizarre preamble by Tony Wilson, Mark and company blast out a great version of the mighty 'Big New Prinz' on Wilson's Granada TV show 'The Other Side of Midnight', back in 1988.

Man, the performance by pouting belle Brix here is really, erm, moving! ... And Marcia Schofield's pretty damn fine too.

Yap, strange to think that, for a while there, The Fall had the hottest babes in indiedom!

This piece of stomping, storming, stream of consciousness, Smith magic opened the excellent - and typically eccentric (... music written for a ballet performance, no less!) - 1988 platter I Am Kurious Oranj.

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