Friday, 5 September 2014

The Music - Can's "Vitamin C"

Hey you! You're losing your Vitamin C!


Yap, it's der wunderbar Can and their delicious 1972 single "Vitamin C".

An influential track known for its thick bass line, bouncy percussion and catchy fucked-up chorus, which has Damo Suzuki repeating the line "Hey you! You're losing your Vitamin C".

Considering its short length and relatively standard song structure, it is one of the band's more conventional songs.

The song appeared on the sublime Ege Bamyasi LP.

For last year's Record Store Day, Steve Malkmus released the limited edition "Can's Ege Bamyasi"; an excellent  live performance of the entire Ege Bamyasi record. The recording was made at Week-End Fest in Cologne, backed by Cologne band Von Spar.

In 1997, an 8-minute version of the song, remixed by British musical outfit U.N.K.L.E., was featured on Can's double remix album Sacrilege.

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