Friday, 19 September 2014

The Dumb Side - I’m the boss of crap thunder-thigh photoshopping

This muzak mongering bimbo's been at the photoshop app once more!

Yap, after the Golf-gate Photoshop Phuckup a few months back, oops she's done it again!

You just can't hide those thunder thighs, bimbo!

While the entire world was celebrating the Beyoncé's birthday, so was Beyoncé. Bey shared her birthday activities with her fans, on Beyoncé.com, twelve days after she turned thirty-three—plenty of time for some digital nip and tuck. After looking closely at the stairs just between Beyoncé's thighs, fans realized they were uneven with those surrounding her. Huge, expensive yachts don't just make misaligned stairs, right? 

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