Friday, 1 May 2015

Moments In Time - The Human Cannonball (1925)

So-called human cannonballs were among the earliest lunatics ... sorry "daredevils", of the modern age.

Yap, surprising, the first human to be used as a projectile was not Mike Tyson's wife Robin Givens!

Actually the first human to be used as a projectile was some sort of Tranny called "Lulu" in 1871. This British man dressed in drag and was sent skyward by a catapult at the London Music Hall!

The use of an actual "cannon" to project a human was first pioneered by legendary circus showman P.T. Barnum in 1880.

In this case, another Brit, - this time a real woman named Zazel! - stunned audiences when she climbed into the cannon and was shot into a safety net. Barnum used coiled springs to propel her along with a fake bang and puff of smoke thanks to well-timed firecrackers.

Unfortunately, Zazel later broke her back while performing and retired from the show.

These days, the springs have been replaced by a compressed air cannon - but they still use a fake bang to give the audience a thrill. ..... A bit like porno movies, I guess!!

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K. said...

God save the human cannon ball.

-Bruce S.

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