Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Art of the Poster - Richard Kern's " Hardcore Collection: Director's Cut" (2008)

Before he was known for his "erotic" photography, iconic filmmaker/ photographer Richard Kern was one of the most important voices of underground cinema.

Along with Nick Zedd, Kern would forward the Cinema of Transgression, an important statement in art and cinema, and championed the No-Wave movement -- the raw cinema that propelled the underground movement of the 1990's.

This is the Blu Ray version of Kern's straight up classic Hardcore - a collection of color and B&W film shorts filmed with Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins and more.

The package includes Death Valley 69 , The Right Side Of My Brain, You Killed Me First, The Bitches, The Sewing Circle, X is Y, Fingered, Horoscope, Submit to Me Now, My Nightmare, Manhattan Loves Suicides, Submit to Me and Evil Cameraman. 

There's a shitload of great music here too from the likes of Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Cop Shoot Cop, J.G. Thirwell and many more.

The Blu Ray version features a load of extras such as
- Fingered Outtakes
- Lung Leg Extras
- Unreleased Destruction Movie
- Interview with Kern.

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