Thursday, 11 September 2014

Art of the Girly Mag - Roxy Girl Marilyn Cole does Cover Girl (1973)

Well if it ain't Bunny Gal and 1973's Playmate of the Year, yummy Marilyn Cole, all ready to hit the town in her new hat and, erm, a few strands of rope!

Cole had been working for £12 weekly at the glamorous Portsmouth Co-Op Fuel Office when she interviewed to be a Playboy Bunny at the London Playboy Club. She worked as a Bunny from 1971 to 1974, and within a few days of starting work there was noticed by  the president of Playboy Enterprises Victor Lownes and test photographed for the magazine.

She certainly had the right credentials with stats like  .... Bust: 36"/ Waist: 24" /Hips: 35"/ Height 5 feet 8 inches/ Weight 119 pounds!

Marilyn was Playboy magazine's January 1972 Playmate of the Month. and also was the magazines's first full-frontal nude centerfold (although her nether region was partly covered by the shadow cast from the book in her hand.)

Cole was Playmate of the Month for March 1973, as well as 1973's Playmate of the Year - the only Briton to hold that title.

Marilyn would go on to marry Victor Lownes, in 1984.

Cole now works as a journalist and among the subjects she writes about is professional boxing, which she began covering in 2000.

Later in 1973, in perhaps an R-rated tribute to Tarzan's beloved Jane, the cover of Roxy's debut LP "Stranded" featured a soaking Marilyn Cole writhing on the ground  in the middle of a jungle with legs akimbo while barely wearing a ripped apart gown!

Curvy centerfold Cole had been noticed by Bryan Ferry (clearly an avid reader!) after winning Playmate of the Year in 1973.

Marilyn had actually previously appeared on the covers of a number of Top of the Pops compilation albums.

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